Bachelorette party on our way to southwest Michigan for a weekend wine tour. Three nights to days transportation provided by 5starlimobusrentals

what a glorious weekend to head out to South West Michigan to avoid the hundred degree heat coming through the Chicago metropolitan area. With a cool breeze off the lake temperatures are expected to stay in a very comfortable 80° this weekend. The girls have a huge itinerary planned for the weekend I will update this post with their itinerary to give other people ideas on what to do when they doGo to southwest Michigan for the Chicago to Michigan Wine tours. We actually have two vehicles going to Michigan this weekend here’s one of the samples of the tour that lease ladies are going to do Saturday.

Leave Chicago 925am

Leave Chicago Illinois for a 5 Star limo bus rental premium wine tour.

Contessa arrive 1130am

Leave contessa 1230pm

Arrive 2121 1235pm

Leave 2121 135pm

Arrived 12 corners 145

Leave 12 corners 245 arrive

Hickory creek or

red top

Leave 355

Arrive lemon creek 425

Leave when ready to late lunch or dinner at red arrow roadhouse off red arrow highway and batten Harbor Michigan

You can find many more wine tours that we have done we like to post the itinerary to give other people idea as to what everyone else is doing check out Our website 5 Star limo bus rentals

Or give us a call or ichat iMessage this number 1-708-272-7188

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